CroLang is a teaching and translating services. The primary function is to teach foreigners Croatian. We offer services from translating English, German, Russian and Korean to Croatian, as well as proofreading texts in Croatian and English language . Would like a better business cooperation. You have just realised that Croatia is your Heaven on the Earth?


Whatever Croatian history, coulture, job opportunity or just love of the language your motivations are be it, you are at the right place to start to learn Croatian  language, either in groups or individually.
You need translation from English to Croatian? Perhaps interpretation or proofreading of a text in Croatian? Our team of qualified interpreters and translators will produce a translation which completely..
Proofreading is an adaptation of the text to the linguistic standard or prescribed and agreed set of rules in a language. It mostly includes the correction of grammatical and spelling errors but since it is..

What does it offer CroLang?

If you want to learn the Croatian language, CroLang is the ideal place for you. Up to 6 participants in a group. We guarantee both group and individualized approach.



Winter semester 2021/2022 for STANDARD group course starts on the 4th October 2021. and lasts until the 28th J...

Exercise in tandem

Would you like to meet people from different parts of the world, learn something about their culture, language...

Want to gain experience

Do you study Croatian language or Phonetics and will you graduate soon? Would you like to gain experience, or ...

Learn Croatian

Good news! CroLang is mobile. We can com...

GROUP - Standard
5.500,00 Kn
Hours per week: 11x45 min.
Period: 15 weeks
Total hours: 165x45 min.
GROUP - Intensive
3.500,00 Kn
Hours per week: 16x45 min.
Period: 4 weeks
Total hours: 64x45 min.
4.000,00 Kn
Hours per week: 4x45 min.
Period: 15 tjedana
Total hours: 60x45 min.

4.000,00 Kn
20 x 45 min.
5.000,00 Kn
20 x 45 min.
220,00 Kn
45 min.

Why choose CroLang?

We have a loto of experience in teaching foreingners Croatian language. You would also like to learn Croatian? Contact us and we guarantee to you that you will start to speak Croatian very soon!
We want to be successful at what we do and we want that our customers are satisfied with our work. Therefore, we try to maintain a professional level. Come and convince yourself!
Croatian language
You speak Croatian, but you ‘re worried that people do not understand you. Very probably mistaken in pronounciation . Do not worry, we are here! Our teachers are excellent foneticians!
We offer coffee, pastries, free parking, nearness of tram station, WiFi, computer work,

comfortable environment and relaxed atmosphere.

Have you completed text, monography or a book, wrote an article or thesis, but you are unsure about the recognition of your own grammatical or spelling errors.
If you need emergency translating service from English, German or Russian to Croatian language,

contact us, as we might be able to accomodate you!

We maximun adapt to client’s needs. We are mobile, we come to you, we adapt to your wishes about time of lectures.
We are here for all your questions, suggestions and advices. Feel free to contact us.

Clients about us?