Proofreading is an adaptation of the text to the linguistic standard or prescribed and agreed set of rules in a language.

About proofreading

It mostly includes the correction of grammatical and spelling errors, but since it is below the required consistency, lecturer interfers into lexicology and syntax. Lector is a qualified person who corrects all sections of text that are not in accordance with the standard language norm and recommendations of the relevant institutions.

Lecturer is allowed to delete redundant informations, linking several sentences into one and adding additional materials. The task of proofreaders are linguistically and stylistically correct and to touch up text, so that it is ultimately the most natural and fluent, in accordance with the standard language norm.

Proofreading in Croatian

All our proofreaders are native Croatian speakers and will make sure the ideas you are presenting in your work are delivered as clearly as possible.

All our proofreaders are highly experienced at proofreading academic papiers and understand the unique requirements of proofreading dissertations, PhD theses and essays. All our proofreaders have the highest qualifications available.