About the course

Whatever Croatian history, coulture, job opportunity or just love of the language your motivations are be it – you are at the right place to start to learn Croatian :-). CroLang offers you opportunity to learn Croatian language, either in groups or individually.

Our professors are graduated in Croatian language and literature and phonetics, with years of teaching Croatian as foreign language. CroLang provides six degrees of learning, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

There are three main stages of learning A, B, C, and they share the lower and higher level, so we have in total 6 degrees (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). In teaching we use textbooks and practice books, “Hrvatski za početnike”, “Razgovarajte s nama – udžbenik hrvatskog jezika za više početnike”, “Razgovarajte s nama – udžbenik hrvatskog jezika za niži srednji stupanj”, ”Razgovarajte s nama – udžbenik za razinu B2-C1”.

For participants who like teamwork we offer group courses, and for business people, who generally prefer studying alone with the professors, we offer individual classes. Dates for group courses, dynamics and intensity of class have already been predetermined. However, this can be changed to participant’s expectations. You also have an option to come to our class or our professor will come to you.

If you think that you have mastered Croatian language, but you still think you can’t comunicate effectively, we also offer speach practice where we can help you correctely pronounciate the tricky letters č, ć, f, dž, lj, nj and other ”difficult” pronounciation. At CroLang we take into conditeration about development language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) of all our participants in hope that they will achieve communicative objective.

hrvatski jezik za strance

Types of courses

Group courses

Our group courses allows our participants to meet and make friends from over the world and aspire to the common goal. CroLang offers you three different group courses – STANDARD group course, INTENSIVE group course and course 2×2. Standard group course includes 165 classes (that includes 150 Language classes of and 15 Phonetic classes), during 15 weeks, two school hours per day.

Intensive group course includes 64 classes (that includes 60 language classes and 4 phonetic classes), during 4 weeks, 3 school hours per day. Curse 2×2 includes 60 classes, during 15 weeks, 4 school hours per week. The duration of school hour is 45 minutes.

Individual courses

If time is not your friend but you would like to learn Croatian language we offer two different packages, for your convinience – STANDARD individual course and FLEXIBLE individual course. The standard individual course includes 20 classes at CroLang, with in advance done appointment.

Flexible individual course includes 20 classes with flexible time and location of classes. Individual lesson, if necessary, for language or speech practice, held at CroLang. The duration of each session is 45 minutes.